2-in-1 Cookie Scoop Spatula


With 1 Tbsp scoop at one end, and a durable spatula at the other, Talisman Designs’ 2-in-1 cookie scoop and spatula takes the guesswork out of cookie portions. Use the spatula to mix, stir, fold, and scrape doughs and batters. Once mixed, use the scoop to measure out perfectly portioned dough balls. Made of BPA-free silicone, the scoop is flexible making it easy to pop out portioned dough. The silicone spatula and scoop are heat resistant to 500f. Dishwasher safe, clean up is a breeze.


Talisman Designs’ 2-In-1 cookie scoop and spatula saves space and minimizes cleanup
Spatula is durable and ideal for stiring, folding, and scraping doughs and batters
Scoop is non-stick silicone and measures 1tbsp portions of dough
Made of FDA approved BPA-free silicone heat resistant up to 500f
Stain and odor resistant dishwasher safe so clean up is quick and easy

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